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Hey! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Welcome to my tumblr where I post my drawings, photos and sometimes reblog some stuff. I also like cartoon network~ Basically must fanart i do is from CN ♥

Any questions don't be afraid to ask ♥

California Roll
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I bought this new markers and they’re not bad at all.

just something dumb h ah a

microf uses seduction

seduction fails

I’m doing my 3D animation work for college and kinda did this while i was taking a break

poor little microf

Microf being a weirdo.

Idk what to to write in here ha ha a;;;

In his spare time Microf likes to dance with his maracas

Lori went to the wrong store and Microf is a weird fellow 8D!

yeah a re drew lori wooh

Happy late Valentine day!

Something sill I made ;;; I used watercolors and copics to color :3

I doodling while watching movies and yeah

My character microf~

Microf shota~

I kinda drew him for something for tomorrow! Cause yeah con day! ;u;

The drawings from yesterday ~

Tested my new coloring pencils and I like them a lot actually  also some more shota microf hahaha;;;

And the maid for prints for Anifest ;;;;; Ngh im always nervous when I get a table cause i never know if people will like my work or not *rolls always into the sun* 

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