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Shooti the Shota part 2

The cute little shota tried to have the courage to go back to the bakery, oh but he was so shy and scared what would he even say to the man? There were so many other cute shotas there.
So the shota decided to wait a week before going back to the backery that way he would have an excuse to see the hot bake he so much desired. Oh how he wanted the bake to fill him up with his big cock
 He counted the coins to see if he had enough, two time like little good shotas should. When he was done he went to the village and entered the bakery, he was so nervous to see the man again.
He walked to counter when it was his turn and waited. Soon he heard steps coming from the other side of the counter and as soon as he looked up the shotas eyes met with the bake and his heart skipped a bit. Doki Doki Doki
The shota lost his words, oh how embaressing.
 The shota ran away from the bakery leaving behind his wallet.

the bara looked at the shota while he ran away, looking at that fine booty, in those tiny shorts. oh how he wanted to lick that booty. he grabbed the wallet and looked inside. he had enough for one bread, like he always does. the baked took one bread and walked to the shota’s house
 shooti, crying over how silly he was for runing away, was sad. poor shooti. he just wanted to talk with the baker. now he must think he is a cowerd. the shota sighed. today was not a good day.
he heard footsteps ahead, a big figure slowly walking to his person. was this the real life? or was it fantasy? was the baked walking towards him? with a bread on his hands? praise the lord, he would not starve that day
 ”hello” the bara smiled at him “you forgot this at the bakery” he handed the shota a fine piece of bread “you didn’t had to run away little shota” he said walking closer. the shota felt his heart doki doki behind his cute pink nipple. how he desired to be brutally penetrated by that raging cock of h— “thank you” the shota said, trying to swoosh the thoughts away. how impure of him
the bara smiled. he noticed that the shota was very very aroused by his presense. he could almost smell it. like the smell of freshly baked bread. he looked around. no one to be seen
 he took a hold of shooti’s hand and kissed it “i want to give you my special bread” he said locking eyes with him, licking his lips. poor shota. almost had an orgasm right there. he nodded, praying thankfull songs to the gods. he was getting laid that day
 the bara picked him up, gropping those sweet buttcheeks of him, and walked inside the shota’s house, closing the door with his manly foot. he let the boy fall on the bed and ripped his clothes appart. no need for clothings
"sweet lord" the bara mumbled to himself. look at that. that soft pale skin. those perky pink nipples. that little peewee of his. what a cute sight. what a delicious meal. the bara kissed the shota, their tongues danced inside their mouths, moanings could be heard, even the trees were ashamed of those naughty noises
the shota gasped for air, he didn’t know what to do or say or feel or whatevs, his trobbing little ochinchin was getting painful and his booty asked for sweet german sausage “take me now” the shota begged, putting himself on all four’s, sticking his butt up “please now” he almost cried. how impure. how naughty.
 the bara stripped his pants. because decent baras leave their shirts on. he licked one of his fingers, thicker than average, and poked the bootyhole, making squish shlhap sounds, until he slid it in, making the little shota cum “already?” the bara asked, pushing another finger in. the shota moaned loudly “but it was so good mister baker” he said looking behind “but i want your big veiny manly baker’s cock, take me now” he pleaded. the bara licked his fingers and placed the head of his torpedo on the shota’s booty and
 the end

I’m sorry i’m not sorry. here have a gif

Does anyone want more of Shooti the shota?

Shooti The Shota

once upon a time there was a little shota

the little shota was cute and adorable and his name was shooti

one day, the shota went to the village to buy some bread, he counted the coins in his pocket many times, to be sure if he had enough money

he entered the bakery, inhaling the sweet scent of freshlly baked bread and smiled. today was a nice day

he walked to the counter and waited for his turn, like little shotas should do

A big man, with a black beard and flour all over his clothes walked to the counter and smiled at the shota. this man was very handsome, all the young virgins sighed at the sight of him. he was the baked, and they wanted to be his buns

“hello” he said with his husky deep voice “what can i get you today?” he smiled, white teeth and melting lips

"i’d like one bread please" the shota said, hiding behind his scarf. oh boy, how flustered he was. that man made his heart hurt and his pants tighten

"one bread it is" the man said grabbing a large bag and putting the bread inside, handing it to the shota "today is on the house" he said gently "because you’re a very cute customer" he said

"t-thank you sir" the little shota said, reachinig for the bag

and that was the moment

when their hands touched

and the little shota knew

that he wanted the man’s big thick trobbing dick in his tiny tight bootyhole

 my wonderful gf wrote me this in skype and I decided to share. It’s just beautiful




hello my old heart || harry+draco; hermione+enoby

Oh my goodness

Drarry 4Eva

OTP Drarry 5Eva? 

It’s been some days since I did anything digital

I think I found one more inspiration for nux.


Draco throwing Harry his wand (x)









Pretty much





just fucking draw. don’t compare yourself to other people, don’t stop because you drew a lot last tuesday and you haven’t visibly improved. it takes time, effort, and a lot of perseverance. besides, no matter how “bad” you think you are, there’s still gonna be someone who thinks the stuff you produce is the best goddamn thing they’ve ever seen in their entire life. the artist you were five years ago would have their mind fucking blown by the artist you are today. so just draw a fuckton, because every new thing you draw is one drawing better than you were before.

You inspire me


I keep a binder of all my old art work and make it progress, so sometimes flipping through I can see all the improvement I’ve made over time and how I have developed into the artist I am today.

Also DRAW. EVERY. DAY. Doesn’t matter if it’s doodle or reference practice or you’re working on something major, just do it. Can’t figure out a pose or how some anatomy works? Practice with references! Hands and feet getting you down? Draw the shit out of them!

People don’t magically develop their skills in anything, art, like everything else, takes patience and perseverance. Also a lot of self-study as well as looking things up.

And same above, do not compare yourself to others. Comparing artist styles and techniques is like comparing apples and oranges. Some have a greater grasp of the basic practices but so can you as long as you keep going.